Company Profile

Yurt Kumaş  was founded and started its commercial activities in 1972 in Istanbul Sultanhamam became one of the leading companies of the industry today by  specializing in men’s and women’s garment fabrics at its head Office located in Osmanbey. The Company has been providing services to textile industry for the last 44 years and it is a powerful brand having proven itself with the quality and its innovative line of today having the most diverse collection of fabrics. Yurt Kumaş has grown since the date it was founded by producing rational solutions to meet its needs and Yurt Kumaş, which is one of the leading companies in the world with its production, collection and quality, has made an important place in the sector with its favourable price and wide range of products by giving the customer satisfaction in the utmost importance. 

Yurt Kumaş has become a very important Turkish brand in the field of Wool and Wool blended fabric with sales and marketing power by combining the expectations and needs of its customers with its own vision and experience..       

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